Welcome to Florida



Hi Everyone,

My name is Michael McDonald and I am excited to be a part of this program! This is my first class online and I am looking forward to getting the hang of the format. Just to give everyone a brief background of myself.

I’m from Fort Lauderdale, FL and attended the Florida Gulf Coast University, studying English and Creative Writing. After graduating I worked as a copywriter for a few years before eventually meeting the love of my life and moving to Dallas, Texas.

Since then I have been working at Hilton Worldwide as an eCommerce Analyst.Working for a company like Hilton sparked my interest in International Business after realizing the impact that global corporations can have as they operate their businesses throughout the world.

This blog, titled Welcome to Florida, will aim to capture my love for Florida and describe all of the places in the Sunshine State that I love so much. I believe that when most people think about Florida images of sandy beaches come to mind. While there may be miles and miles of the world’s best coastline, there are so many other areas of Florida that help make Florida such a unique state. From the Southernmost Point of the Florida keys to the northern woods of Tallahassee, I hope to share some of the best memories I have from the Sunshine State, helping you gain a better feel for the beauty of Florida.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Florida”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Looking forward to hearing about South Florida. I’ve also got a lot of fond memories of Ft Lauderdale as I’ve traveled and stayed there my whole life. The canals make Fort Lauderdale such a unique and amazing place.


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