Fort Lauderdale, My hometown

Fort Lauderdale is the place where I grew up. I actually grew up in Plantation, which is a city in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Fort Lauderdale is home to so many things, but most people who travel to the city take advantage of its picturesque beaches and downtown atmosphere.


One of the main reasons why I love Fort Lauderdale so much is because of the maritime presence in the downtown area. Located in the east side of town, there are several marinas and bridges that are situated along the intercostal.


I remember taking some great boat trips up the intercostal, heading into the Atlantic Ocean. Downtown Fort Lauderdale has a lot of great bars and restaurants and the smell of the ocean is always present with a fresh breeze off of the Atlantic.


Some of the best memories I have involve walking down by the water and staring at the yachts that are moored against the docks, moving side to side as the waves roll into their sides.


Before moving to Texas I worked downtown at the main courthouse. Working downtown allowed me to appreciate the area so much more and all of the simple things that makes me miss the city so much. Nothing is better than heading home from work with the windows down driving over a bridge, overlooking the water as you pass by.

Fort Lauderdale also has several parks on the ocean that I would always take my kayak to, sliding the kayak from the hot sand into the warm water, padding along the beach. Another common sight is to see the passing cruise ships in the distance, as they bellow their horns as they move out into the deep ocean.


As I close this entry about Fort Lauderdale, I think back to my last days there. Images of myself sitting on my kayak, staring out onto the evening sunset, watching the ocean. Or standing on the roof of the courthouse parking garage, watching the cruise ships ease their way from the port into the deep blue waters of the Atlantic. Fort Lauderdale will always be a part of me. And I will always look forward to returning home.

BAJA 11-04-06 065


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