Walt Disney World: The Happiest Place on Earth

Central Florida is a bit different than South Florida. The natural landscape shifts from beaches to more wooded areas. Orlando is the biggest city in Central Florida and home of a major university, University of Central Florida. Though, Orlando’s most famous resident is Walt Disney World. MK

Visiting Disney World in Orlando is much like stepping into the magic of your favorite Disney movies. Consisting of four main parks, each unique in it’s own right, Disney also has more than 20 types of resorts that are just as magical as the theme parks.


Magic Kingdom is the most popular, home to Cinderella’s Castle and rides like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and much more. Broken into different lands, Magic Kingdom is fun from the second it opens to the second it closes.

Epcot is the most likely the second most popular theme park, recognized by it’s ride Spaceship Earth, which is commonly referred to as the big golf ball. Epcot has several exciting rides like Test Track and Mission Space. But what separates Epcot from the other are the different countries around the park. Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Italy, France, and several others all compose the different countries in Epcot. Each land has it’s own attractions, shows, and restaurants.

MGM Studios probably comes in third on the popularity scale. This is the theme park where movies come to life. Home of Rockin Roller Coaster, it’s most popular attraction, MGM is also the home to the nightly show Fantasmic, where Mickey uses Disney magic to fight Disney’s most notorious villains.

Version 2

Lastly, Animal Kingdom. This park is not the most popular park of them all, but it is one of my favorites. Focusing on themes of Africa and Asia, Animal Kingdom allows visitors to embark on an exciting safari through the park’s game preserve, getting up close to lions, gazelle, antelope, giraffes, and several other animals seen on the African Savannah. And the park has a few roller coasters too, such as Expedition Everest. IMG_0140 (2)

Disney World is one of my favorite places on earth and the parks end every night with a parade and firework show. For me, it truly is the most magical place on earth.


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