Nestled up in the northern corner of Florida, Tallahassee serves as Florida’s capital. This northern city is much different from south Florida. Tallahassee has more of a country-type atmosphere and is only an hour from the Florida-Georgia state line. Tallahassee is famously known for being the city being the home to the Florida State University and home to the Seminoles.


Tallahassee is a college town. Despite being  the state’s capital, the entire city revolves around the university. With the beach  a few hours away, Tallahassee can be very hot in the summer, and most of the time there is a faint breeze, which allows the hot summer air to hover over the city. IMG_1263

Tallahassee is very wooded and there are so many areas full of cool springs and hiking trails. During the football season, most things shut down during football games and it’s common to see the Seminole flag anchored at most houses in town.


Despite being a wild and crazy college town at times, it’s also very picturesque and quaint. While it may not feel like the typical Florida city, with miles of beaches and flashy sports cars, Tallahassee is a beautiful city.

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