The River of Grass



The Florida Everglades. It is, without a doubt, one of the most unique parts of South Florida. Extending from Miami all the way into Central Florida, the Florida Everglades is truly a special place. Hundreds of miles of swamp help make up one of the most important ecosystem in the world. The word Everglades means river of grass, as that is what the Native American Indians called it. The Everglades is a slow moving river that is home to hundreds of species of animals. Alligators, herons, fish, hawks, deer, snakes and so many other species of animals live in the Everglades. Despite mostly consisting of grassy water, there are large areas of dry land, inhabited mostly by wild boar and deer.


The water of the Everglades is not deep, perhaps 20 feet at the most in some areas. much of the water’s depth varies by season. Florida is known to have a drought or two and the water level is never guarenteed to remain at a certain depth. For those living in Florida, many fish and hunt throughout the Everglades. One of the more popular activities to do in the Everglades is boating, as many trailer their boats and cruise up and down the canals. Some people fish for largemouth Bass and Tarpon, while others just enjoy the day on the water. The Everglades has several canals that can snake for miles and miles. These canals often have the greatest depth of water. But a majority of the Everglades is commonly referred to as the Flats, areas of water with a much shallower depth, full of thick sawgrass, weeds, mud, and strips of dry land. The best way of navigating these areas is on an airboat.


Airboats are extremely light and made out of aluminum. Unlike other boats that have a motor that submerges underwater, airboats are powered by large engines and a propeller that sits above the water. Using two rudders to steer, these boats can travel in inches of water, making them useful for traveling across the flats. IMG_0300IMG_0286

The Everglades is a part of Florida’s DNA. Serving as the home of Florida’s Indian tribe, the Florida Seminoles, the Everglades is crucial to the south Florida environment. While the Everglades has become the target of development to meet the growing need of a rising population, it remains today preserved and protected, ensuring the generations of both Floridians and visitors can see the beauty and sheer brilliance of Florida’s River of Grass.IMG_0277